About the project:

I started this project because so many people still think that vegans are a bunch of weird and confrontational hippies. There are so many amazing vegans out there that can break this stigma and be role models instead. Since going vegan myself 4 years ago I discovered that real life vegans come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and professions. Its such an interesting journey learning new things about the vegan lifestyle every day, getting to know all these personalities and growing this collection of portraits.

Its given me more than I ever imagined, shooting legends like Peter Singer and James Aspey, making new friends, traveling to different places and its only the beginning.

Photographer's bio:

Alletta Vaandering's photographic journey began long before she picked up a camera.  She was surrounded by colour and creativity.

Her mum was a dancer. Her grandparents ran a dance academy. Her dad was a bit of a nutty professor, always making things.

She attended fashion school in Amsterdam, became an international model, a photographer's assistant, and a retoucher for the world's most prestigious labels.

All of these things have helped shape Alletta's unique, confident voice. She's played every role in the making of a photograph so she knows exactly how to get what she wants.

Focusing on fashion and portraiture, Alletta's images evoke a rich, Hollywood style glamour, perhaps influenced by her childhood days playing amongst the colourful costumes and glitter of her grandparents' studio.

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